Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Jar Full of Thanks

 Hello Crafters!

Before we launch into the card I just want to say thank you to those of you who have left supportive comments or inquired about how the new job is going. It's definitely different but I'm starting to adjust. I think. Maybe. I think I'm just a different kind of dispatcher than most and I've got to accept that. Only then will it be better. I'm working on it. 
In other news I received my results for round two of the civil service test for the new center.  Me and another girl I worked with tied for the highest score among the dispatchers from the two cities combing to form the center. That doesn't mean that someone else couldn't have out scored us but we should be at least in the top ten. Thank God there was no math right? :)

Alright, it's card time!

I'm playing along with The Card Concept and Simon Says Stamp. Simon Says Stamp is Anything Goes and who doesn't want to win a gift card or colored pencils?! You know what I'm saying. 
The Card Concept has a fabulous fall themed inspiration photo Oh and if two wasn't enough Hero Arts has any Anything Goes Holiday theme in their current monthly challenge. 

I chose the freestyle collage category for my card so I had to do a little pre-planning. I had my dear friend Barb in mind when I made this card. Not only do we have a mutual love for Hero Arts she was kind enough to send me some tags so I don't have to use toilet paper rolls to make mine anymore. Crafty friends are the best. Not only is she sweet she is super talented you can visit her here. It's in the mail Barb if you want to be surprised look away!! ;) 

Here is my pre-plan

Stamping, masking, drawing.I loved how the leaves were over hanging the wagon. The berries were so sweet and I love the look of the tall sticks in the back, I did draw a bow to go in front but ended up leaving it off. I think it would have been too busy. 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

Originally, I wanted to watercolor this bad boy but I decided to challenge myself by using copics to mix two different color families. The jar is from Hero Arts Made with Love set. My leaves are the Holly Jolly set again. I swear one day I'll use them as holly. Probably. 
I coated the thanks die from Simon Says Stamp in glossy accents and adhered it to the front. I added some to the berries too. I really need to get a Wink of Stella pen. I'm missing my glitter and need a fix!!

Thanks for visiting!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Floating My Little Pony

 Hello Crafters! 

Today's card is for the Paper Smooches Designer Draft challenge

As soon as I saw the sketch I thought of this card Jennifer Mcguire made where her embellishment floated inside a cut out window. It was such a super cool look I knew I wanted to try it but just hadn't found "the" card to use it on. Until this sketch :) You can see Jennifer's card here. It's gorgeous. Duh. It IS Jennifer McGuire's card!!

PLUS, I have been completely oogling the Spectrum stamp set from Paper Smooches. 


A wonderful, generous crafty friend decided to play Santa and sent it to me. How amazing is that right?! I knew I wanted to make the unicorn look like the rainbow My Little Pony. My niece is obsessed with them lately and I thought this would be a fun card for her. 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I stamped the unicorn once regular and then once using the mirror technique. If you don't what that is I just did a little explanation over at the Create A Smile blog and you can see it here. See I need the reverse image because you can see the image from both sides. I colored my ponies with copics and then trimmed both of them out. I drew a little rainbow on her bootie and added the heart just like her My Little Pony cousin. of coourse I had to add some stardust stickles too. What kind of pony walks around without glitter?! No pony I know. 

So here is where this card became a giant PITA. 
See in all my excitement I glued my ponies together. BIG NO NO!  So then I either had to pry those babies apart or make a whole new one. Yeah, I risked the prying. I'm lazy. There were many expletives. If you know me in real life you can fill in the blanks :) 
It turned out okay. Thank God. 

Then I cut my window. You cut both pieces together without gluing so they line up perfectly . . .AND my washi tape ripped my front card stock. So then I tried again  . . .AND it ripped the back of my card. WHY?! Just WHY?! More expletives. 
Finally I got it figured out. 

I wanted a background behind my pony but since i was having such fabulous luck with this card already I decided to do it on a separate circle in case I jacked it up and the circles didn't match. It came out fine embossing, masking, and all. Of course it did. I could do it again relatively easily. The top was done with distress inks. The clouds were heat embossed and shaded with copics. 

At last, I assembled this thing and that stupid string was a little loose. I decided I no longer had any cares to give and called it finished. lol. 

It still looks super cool floating though :) 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

and here is the spin in motion. Pardon the fantastic quality I did it on my phone. 

Pretty, pretty awesome.

Thanks for visiting!!


Monday, October 27, 2014

CASEing Genius: Linda Trace


Hello Crafters!

OMG it's here! It's here!! 
Okay I may be a little excited, but only a smidge. 
I am ecstatic to introduce you to our first Genius!

Without further ado . . .I give you 

I absolutely adore her. She has such a way of being able to do such different styles that I'm beyond envious of. Speaking of jealous she can also go from cards to scrapbook layouts and back again seamlessly. I find this attribute to be completely amazing because I CAN NOT do it. At all. Ever. and her coloring? Shut the front door. 
Linda is one of the most supportive encouraging crafters I've ever known. She is humble and  gracious and always helpful. She's just simply wonderful.   I do hope you'll hop over to her blog , Linda Trace Designs, after learning about her and visit. Don't forget to eave some love :) After all, that is the point of this whole feature, so you all can meet and greet each other. It's kind of like giving peace in church ha!
Are you ready to learn some more about her?
Me too!


1. Who are you and where do you live?
I’m Linda, I live in Perth, Western Australia

2. How would you describe your style?
I really don’t think I have a style, as I really vary dependent on my mood. I love CAS cards and cards with interesting techniques and lots of colour.  I love Modern too, but I completely FAIL at that style :)
3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
I’ll give you two, one I have, one I want. The one I have, is texture paste with stencils (but the paste specifically), and one I want is some distress glitter from Ranger. I recently saw it used on a card and boy is it beautiful.

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
My first crafty purchase was probably pop sticks to make pop-stick models when I was a kid, but paper-crafting-wise, it’d have been patterned paper, an album and some Walnut Stain distress ink. My first project was a mini album for my sister, which I started about 5 years ago when I began crafting. It’s still unfinished *ahem*

Fun stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song?
I haaaaate to admit it, but Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY. Otherwise I really like Chandelier by SIA. Amazing.

6. Who would play you in a movie?
I’d love to say Julia Roberts, coz she’s got a wide mouth and so do I. I also tend to burst out laughing kinda loudly like she does. I wish I had her legs though :)

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
I wanted to be a singer/actor in musicals, and work on broadway. I took singing lessons and dance, and applied for the big, highly competitive Musical Theatre University Program here in Australia, and did well in the audition rounds, but never got in. I eventually gave up hope. It’s my one regret! I wish I’d kept trying.

She can sing. Of course she can. As if she wasn't impressive enough right? 

Here are some of Linda's amazing projects

I love the die cutting with the resist embossing on this one. Plus, what great colors!!

Completely adore the repeating sentiment and scattering of sequins. The tone on tone background is perfect. 

Alright seriously? Seriously, serious?! This coloring is totally awesome. Her hair looks amazing!! Coloring with colored pencils is clearly Linda's secret crafty talent. Now hopefully not so secret ;) 

That last card was the major influence for my CASE. I had never used a Saturated Canary stamp before Linda introduced me to them. I will not confess how much I spent at their store. You'll be frightened. 

The Case: 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I started with the sweet Highschool Girl stamp from Saturated Canary. My co-worker's daughter looks almost exactly like this stamp so I colored it to look like her.  I'll be sending it to her as a little pick-me-up :) 
I printed her out on white card stock and then drew in the background. It's a one layer card. I used copics to color my card instead of colored pencils. I can't use those things. They hate me.  

I loved the two tone hair Linda did and wanted to recreate it. I chose to giver her purple highlights. I love them. How fun right? I mounted the panel to a card base leaving a thin border of black like Linda's second card. I think it adds a pretty little frame. 

The sentiment was a die cut inlay/heat embossing combo. In Linda's first card I love the die cut "Hey" but wanted my card to be one layer. Since my background is so busy I decided to add a drop shadow with a black marker to help it stand out. Then I covered it with glitter because it is a "Kelly" card. haha! The second part of the sentiment was heat set in white and colored with copics to match. I added a drop shadow to that too. 

Alright, That's it!
Thank you so much for visiting me and please go visit Linda too. She's truly amazing. I am blessed to know her and enjoy her creations. You will be too!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sketchy Rose: Thank You

  Hello Crafters!

How is your weekend going?
I'm heading back into work this afternoon so mine could be better :) 
Afternoonshift is completely kicking my butt after being on nights for so many years. Getting up to an alarm sucks yo!

I'm thrilled you all are so excited about CASEing Genius! I can't wait for Monday! You're going to love our first Genius. I sure do!!

I was blessed enough to win Altenew's monthly challenge for September and I knew exactly what I wanted to buy with my gift card. The first time I saw their Sketchy Rose  I was smitten. A large outline flower?! Please and thank you. 

Then when I saw Altenew's monthly challenge for October I had the prefect place to use it! 

Those little cluster of red roses were the perfect inspiration!! How serendipitous no?

I'm also entering my card into Addicted to CAS's current challenge

Ready, set go . . .

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

So I love the flower but I'm not sure I love the card. Let me explain. I wanted the rose to be the focal point but I wanted more of an elegant 2014 Angelina Jolie and I feel like I ended up with an Angelina Jolie circa 2000, blood vial and all. (Oh please tell me you remember that?!) What I mean is it stole the show SO much the rest of the card looks like too little and I couldn't fix it. 

I heat embossed the sentiment from Altenew's Magnolias for her in gold and framed the vellum window in. 

What do you think? Flower too over powering? Or have I just been looking at this thing way too long ha! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

CASEing Genius: An Introduction

Hello Crafters!

So . . . what's with the banner right? 
Well . . .that lovely banner was made by friend Christine by request. It's awesome isn't it?

As you all know it's very important to me to give credit where credit is due. I feel like there are so many talented, wonderful, sweet crafters out there and you really only ever hear about like twelve of them. What's up with that? Yes those handful are talented but so are you. 
Yes, I'm talking to you. Stop looking over shoulder for someone else. 

So how do we get other people to see that we appreciate their work? How do you showcase someone who maybe other people haven't seen before? Oh, yeah, I guess I could do something about it? So here I am.

I decided a little while ago that I really wanted to DO something to show off these creative, caring, amazing people who I visit and I LOVE. CASEing Genius was born. I'm going to give you a little show and tell so you'll know how this is going to work. 

Every Monday there will be a new featured Genius. They will fill out a mini-interview so we can all learn more about them. Some of it's crafty and some of it's just fun. They are also providing me with three of their projects that they feel best represents them. I'm going to CASE one of there cards . . .or combine all of them . . .not sure which yet. Basically you get a lot of them and a little of me. I really hope this helps spread the word about some amazing crafters. 

This post is a test post all about me :) Here we go!

1. Who are you and where do you live? 
Kelly Latevola. In Ohio just outside of Cleveland. 

2. How would you describe your style?
CAS for sure. A love me some glitter and techniques. Even if I don't always know how to use them on a card ha!!

3. Name one product you're completely crushing on right now?
Peerless Watercolors. I haven't bought any yet but the colors are so vivid. I WANT them so badly! Someone had them at the crafty retreat this past weekend and I basically molested them. The watercolors not the crafter. Either way it's awkward.

4. What is was your first crafty purchase? Would you still buy it now?
It was stickers for a scrapbook page. Um, no I wouldn't buy them. They were hideous. Someone should have stopped me back then. 

Fun stuff:

5. What is your current favorite song? 
Hmmm... probably Deadly Weapon by This Century. You won't know this song. You won't know this band. You should look them up. They're pretty awesome ;) 

6. Who would play you in a movie?
I would love to say Sandra Bullock because she is hysterical and beautiful but everyone tells me I look like Sarah Jessica Parker so I guess her. Minus the chin mole. 

7. One random thing about you that people would never guess?
I am terrified of driving on the highway. I never do it unless there is NO other way to get there. 

Ready for some cards?

I tried to pick the ones I loved. The ones that said "Kelly." 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

Originally I intended to CASE only one card but I ended up picking several elements from each card that I loved and combining them into one. So maybe that will be my thing. Or not. Who cares? 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I took the black, heat embossing, and script sentiment from the feather card. The watercoloring from the second and the colors and stamps from the third. These flowers are from WPlus9 Hope Seed Co and I absolutely love them. 

So now that you know how this is going to go do you want to help too?
 . . . .
I was hoping you'd say yes!

If you know a crafter who is wonderful and talented and needs some love please leave me their name or blog or both! I would love to go visit them. Please do keep in mind though that if I don't feature them it doesn't mean they aren't talented I might just be busy or plan to ask in the future. I'm scheduling really far out right now :)

Alright what do you think? Good? bad? Different questions? I'm open to constructive criticisms so lay it on me!!

Thanks for dropping by!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Foxy Winter

 Hello Crafters!

I'm over on the Create A Smile blog today sharing this little sweetie. 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I'm also giving away a pack of our new chipboards! They are fabulous!

 Just leave me a comment over at the Create A Smile blog telling me which of our new chipboards is your favorite. What an easy way to win right? 
You have until Monday October 27th at 11:59pm (est) to enter!

See you over there!


Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Back . . .

Hello Crafters!

I am back from the most wonderful weekend away. I laughed, and chatted, and crafted, and chatted, and was filled with love. So. much. love. 

Much of that love came from you all too. <3 
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the sweet, encouraging, supportive comments you all left me. You have truly touched my heart. 

I started the new job today. Everybody was so nice. The job though . . .  I'm not sure about it. I'm praying. I'll try again tomorrow. 

In the meantime though I do have a card for you. Really, truly, a card! 
I am over on the A2ZScrapbooking blog giving some tips I learned from the fabulous Sandy Allnock. She is spectacularly talented with a personality that makes you want to hug her face off :) 

She helped me alter my flower so it had some movement. 

Kelly Latevola You and Your Big Dreams

I learned so many things. Most importantly, keep working the image. It's not a goner :) 

There is a current challenge going on over at A2ZScrapbooking where all you have to do is use two Hero Arts hard products to enter. Easy Peasy. You could win $25.00 to the store!

 Remember that really awesome thing I was telling you about? I'll be back with more news tomorrow!! 

Thanks for stopping by!