Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little Break . . .

 Hello Crafters! 

I'm just poppng in with a quick post to let you all know I'm taking a mini-break. 
As you guys know I left my job of ten years this week. Basically I just cried for my last eight hour shift. Which I think everyone expected. 

What I didn't expect was my guys getting emotional when they were saying good-bye to me. 
This whole time I was thinking how hard to was going to be for me to leave. I never thought it would be hard for them. Last night we got together for a wonderful going away party. It was could to laugh and joke and not cry (okay, maybe a little.) 

Today I am going out of town for a few days. I didn't schedule any posts because I've been too busy being sad. It's a full-time gig recently. 
After this weekend I'll be back refreshed and much more positive! 
Thank you all for your support. Your kind comments mean so much to me!

I can't wait to see all the glorious things you've made when I get back :)


Monday, October 13, 2014

Floral Hello

 Hello Crafters!

Tonight when I go into work I'll work my last shift. Over ten years I've sat at that desk, worked with those exceptional men and women. Am I sad? Sad doesn't seem to cover it. I want to cry just thinking about it. I know God's plan is better than mine. I know God is closing the door on this chapter of my life. I'm going to go his way. I just might cry a little as I do it. I know this isn't a particularly happy subject but this is my life. And right now, this part of my life is sad. 

Now that I've got you all melancholy let's talk cards.  
I'm playing along with Fusion Card Challenge. For some reason I can never, ever, ever, use the sketch. And I LOVE sketches. There is just something about the inspiration photos lately that are sucking me in. 

Oh, you know what it is? 

Yeah . . .I admit it. It's the flowers. 

Aren't they the prettiest little bunch?
I immediately thought on the flowers from Hero Arts and Basic Grey called Sunshine

I stamped the grouping of flowers across the top of my card and then colored them with copics. I CAN'T STOP USING THEM!!! or watching videos about them . . .or being fascinated at how people use them . . .I may need an intervention soon!
For the background I used the lightest BG color (BG0000) and used it to pick up some color from the tip of YG03. I laid i down using small circles. It created the coolest (at least I think it's cool) background of the two colors. 
The Hello is from Simon Says Stamp. I die cut the flower panel with it and also a piece of blue violet. I adhered them to a white card base fitted into one another. Originally my game plan was to try another die cutting technique but in the end I liked this better. I dotted the flowers with stardust stickles. 

If you're interested in that Hero Arts and Basic Grey set Sunshine you can snag it at A2ZScrapbooking along with a whole lot of other Hero Arts goodness. If you spend $25.00 you can save yourself 15% off with the code KELLYL15.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturated Canary: Let's talk coloring

 Hello Crafters!

As I old you yesterday I went in to work to go on a ride along with some of my officers. It was such fun! I'm going to tell you all about it and then some of you are going to be like that's not fun at all. I assure you it is :)

First let's kick this off with a photo

I'm on the left and my Sergeant is on the right. Sexy bulletproof vest I know ;) 

The first part of the night we made some traffic stops. I got to tow a car for driving under suspension but the real fun started on night shift. Because Night shift is the best shift!
I was riding with, let's call him Officer Smith. Officer Smith is known for his quick wit and sarcasm when he is irritated. This is EXACTLY why I wanted to ride with him. 

It's 12:30am. One officer calls in  he is being waved to and honked at. He's stopping the car. We get a call that there is a driver passed out behind the wheel at a traffic light. We are en route. On our way a second call comes in. Male on 911 reporting he is being followed by two trucks driven by guys who threatened to kill him. We get to the first call and there is no car at the light so we go busting you know what over to the second call. After speaking with the males and the caller it is determined they were following him to stop him from driving because he is drunk. Hello Mr. DUI. Lovely to see you. In the meantime remember Mr. Honking and Waving? Yeah, he's driving drunk too!
Simultaneous DUIs! and they both contacted the police themselves. What?!

We house our prisoners at an outside facility. All of us plus drunk one and two head out there. Drunk one repeatedly asks the same questions over and over and over . . .ever have a conversation with a drunk person? Then you know what I'm saying. My ride along officer Officer Smith finally reaches his limit. The snark comes out. Drunk one yells "Jesus Christ" at Officer Smith. Smith's response? "No, Officer Smith. but I get that a lot." Haha!

The second drunk full on ugly cries for 25 minutes. I'm talking snot running down his face, drooling on the floor crying. Then promptly stops and yells "I have to poop!" "I have to poop" "This is going to happen!"  and then he pees all over himself. 

Yeah. It was THAT kind of night. There was a bunch more but I'll spare you every detail. Suffice it to say I'm glad I went :)

Now that I have regaled you with stories of glorious real life police work let's talk coloring..

I recently purchased some fabulous images from Saturated Canary. Oh my goodness, their images are FABulous!! I decided to color Princess Rose Red last night. I was curious how different the image would look colored in watercolor vs. copics. So I did both :)

First up watercoloring:

I used distress inks and a paintbrush. I feel like I have more control that way. I printed her out directly onto watercolor paper and went to work. Let me warn you though, if you do this your printer ink may bleed. Mine does. One of the wonderful things about watercoloring is if you make a mistake you can absorb the water and the pigment with it erasing your mistake. I apply the same rule to the bleeding ink. Let me show you . . .

See how gray that tree is? My ink is bleeding like crazy. Just dab it with a dry cloth and suck the water up. Then it will look like this

Still a little gray but it didn't effect any of my other shades. Even her skin which is the lightest shades I used. 

Now Copics . . .

I tried to use colors similar to the watercolor shades I used. It's definitely much bolder but I don't know if it's "better." I think it just depends on the look you're going for although the copic coloring is much faster. MUCH FASTER. But I think it's kind of relaxing to water color. I might be a weirdo :)

Which look do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping in!
Happy Sunday!!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Winnie and Walter En Masse

 Hello Crafters! 

In my last post I said you were going to see mad crazy amounts of Winnie and Walter and then I posted nothing for two days. Oops. 
My dear sweet son decided he didn't actually care if I got my cards posted. Can you believe that?! The nerve of that kid to want to be mothered. What am I, his mother?! . . ..oh damn, I guess I am. So  yeah, no cards.
  Plus I did a ride along with my officers since my last day is Monday (sob) I wanted to get one in before I leave. That's a story for another day. I promise :)

Okay normally I hate posting multiple cards in one post. I think it's super time consuming to view. I don't get to really appreciate every card because I'm too busy just trying to get though all the details. However, Winnie and Walter is holding so many challenges I wanted to play along with AND they all close tonight. Hence, Winnie and Walter En Masse. :) I promise I'll try to get through quickly!!

Loved these colors. These read as an elegant card to me.

I stamped the flowers from The Big, The Bold, and The Extras in a light ink and did some no line coloring with my copics. Added some highlights with white gel pen. I trimmed them out. The banner was stamped in Tsukineko Gold Brilliance ink and shaded with more copics. The sentiment is from The Big, The Bold, and The Happy. It was stamped in black and curved to match the banner. To bring in more black I stamped the leaves outline in it then stamped the solid image over top in the same gold ink. I trimmed out the banner and added it with dimensional adhesive. Done!

Basically use a stamp in a way the designer didn't intend.

I decided to use the banner from  The Big, The Bold, and The Extras to create a quiver. 

I just turned it. I did draw a side to the quiver before I trimmed it out. 

I stamped the calender detail stamp on top for the black border with the heart. I drew some stitched lines on the side to tie it into the front. The arrows from The Write Stuff: Love Story were stamped flat to the card base. I stamped the heart a second time to trim them out. All coloring was copics. The hearts and quiver were added with dimensional adhesive. The sentiment is also from Love Story. I stamped it in Raspberry Jam shadow ink from Hero arts to match the quiver. Trimmed it into a banner and added it on top. I stickled those hearts to death :) 

Third (and last. I'm so sorry!) 

You know if there is a sketch I can't resist!

First I flipped it upside down. I stamped the heart from The Write Stuff: Love Story as my large circle. It's in Splash Chalk ink by Hero Arts. I then stamped my flowers and leaves in black. Color with more copics. Draw stems and adhere flowers. I stamped the hello from The Big, The Bold, and The Happy for a sentiment. Finished it off with some black sequins and white gel pen details.

Ahhh. Done. 
Thanks for hanging in there. It's long I know!

Enjoy your Saturday.
Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pinspiration with Winnie & Walter

 Hello crafters!

Happy Almost Friday! 
I am off today and have plans to take Nathan to have lunch with a crafty friend. 
I'm so excited! About the friend and paper shopping not so much about the trying to get my kid to NOT throw food all over the restaurant ha!

There were so many WCMD challenges out there it was hard to see them all. Luckily most of them are still going on. Winnie and Walter have several and I plan on playing along with as many as I can. Prepare yourself for mad crazy amounts of cute stamps!!

This one was posted by Vanessa and it requires you to gain inspiration for a photo she found on Pinterest. It's a fab photo! 

How fun is this right?

Here is my take 

I started by drawing the starburst design and coloring it with my copics. That "yellow" is really much more peach in real life. not sure what's up with that :( 
After I colored I added some detail lines with both my black and white gel pens. I wanted to incorporate the woodgrain somehow but if you follow my blog you already know kraft and I are arch enemies. (Maybe that's why my colors are off?! Kraft is trying to get me!!)
I stamped Neat and Tangled's wood grain from On the Strip 2 on some kraft then clear embossed it. To really bring out the grain I rubbed some brushed corduroy on top of it. Side note I stamped the "You" from Winnie and Walter's The Big, The Bold, and The Happy before anything else. I didn't want it to sit on top of the embossing and risk smearing it.. 
I trimmed the you into a banner and tucked another banner behind it. 
I loved the peeling paint in the background of Vanessa's photo and wanted to include something similar. I smeared some white embossing paste onto a white card panel. I didn't smooth it out at all. In fact I kind of roughed it up. The photo has a very crack/peel in the background that goes about halfway through the photo. I used the diagonal strip to mimic it and anchor my image. 
My sentiment seemed to be a little flat among all those enamel dots so I added some glitter to make it pop. And because glitter is pretty :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Geometric Rainbow

 Hello Crafters!

How are you this morning? 
I'm pretty good. 
Do you have any hobbies out side of paper crafts? 

I cross stitch, paint my nails so much it should be a hobby, read, and bake. 
I love to make me some cupcakes. The guys I work also love that I make cupcakes as I'm sure you can imagine. I love to try new kinds. I almost never make the same ones twice. My favorite is Blueberry Cheesecake. My husbands is Chocolate Peanut buttercup. 
I haven't had the time to make any recently with all this job crap going on so after the hinting (i.e. walking up to dispatch, looking around lost, and saying "um, are there any cupcakes up here?" ) from co-workers I made some last night. To fit with the season I made Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. 

I thought they would be dense, like banana bread but they were actually pretty light and moist! 

Now that you're hungry let's talk cards haha!

The card for today is for Addicted to CAS. The code word this time is going to be super popular. 

See what I'm saying? They are going to have tons of entries!!

Here's my take on it. It's a rainbow. Of course :) 

I used the Grid stencil from My Favorite Things. I bought it about a month ago but haven't used it yet! I adored it but nothing I was working on fit with it. As soon as I saw the code word I was like FINALLY! 

I taped it down really well and then used my black gel pen to start tracing some random squares. It was kind of like being a kid again playing Tetris. Please tell me you played that game. It's a classic!!
After I had them all outlined I went back and colored with my copics. 

The sentiment is from Altenew's Super Script. I love that whole set!!
Where it overlapped the squares I outlined it in a white gel pen to set it apart. I love the way it looks. I might have to use it again :) Add some stickles to finish it off. 

Thanks for visiting me! You guys seriously make my day :)


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Snowflakes

 Hello crafters!

I'm back again for a super quick post to share my card for the Create A Smile October Release!

The stamp sets being released are so adorable! Perfect for Christmas. 

Cool Buddies
Aren't these guys just the cutest? Seriously the fox with the scarf? Eeek. Cuteness. 

Smiling Snowflakes
There are so many snowflake sets out there I love that these guys are a little different. I super love that little naughty one in the bottom right. He hehe!

There are also a ton a awesome stencils coming out. Did you know Create A Smile had stencils?! We do and they are fab!

Christine covers the whole release in her video . 

See what I mean?!

I used Smiling Snowflakes for my card. Oh AND we are working with WOW Embossing Powders this month. Yummy, yummy colors and so inexpensive too. Just my style :)

I stamped the snowflakes in Versamark and then heat embossed with several WOW Embossing Powders. I used two regular embossing powders: Fuchsia Fusion and Purple Orchid. Then two glitter embossing powders: Calypso and Persian Indigo. Yay glitter! I think they are such fun colors for snowflakes. I shaded in their centers with some copics and drew in lines to make them ornaments. The sentiment fit perfectly because these snowflakes DO look so happy!

Thanks for stopping by!
 You can head over to the Create A Smile blog to see the other projects with this release all week long!